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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

At Port Stephens for the InterClub and For Sale!

KEKOA is currently at Port Stephens awaiting the start of the Inter Club Tournament which starts tomorrow and will be fished over two week-ends.

This year we welcome Talina O’Brien on board with other members of the Townsville Game Fish Club. Hopefully Talina and Co will continue on from the success that KEKOA enjoyed in last season’s tournament. Best of Luck!

In other news the 47ft O’Brien KEKOA is for sale with the new KEKOA 56 on track for its launch in December this year. The team at KEKOA are all excited about the new arrival which will open up more charter experiences for our clients. One of which will be a couple of months in the Gulf of Carpenteria chasing the Barra’s. We will feature more about this later, but if you are keen to find out more please feel free to contact us.

You can keep up with the building progress of KEKOA 56 at the O’Brien Boats website

If anyone is interested in purchasing the 47ft O’brien known as KEKOA please contact our skipper Captain Luke Fallon on +61428 789 840 and if you are at the Port this week please drop buy and have a chat to Luke.