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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Peter OBrien and Co Onboard

Welcome to Peter O’Brien, Greg Peel and John Fraser on board KEKOA, setting off yesterday and scoring two from four both est at 350lbs. One for Greg and one for John at #7 and today from latest reports John has added a 200lber from three bites at #10.

It’s funny how the tide turns working hard to get a bite in the Lizard Island comp and next day 2 from 4, but hey thats fishin!

Last year early October fired and late November, for me and Scotty 7 days 1 fish in prime time end of October start of November, our best return has been late September at Linden Bank.

Can anyone really judge when the bite will be on? The great thing is we all go out looking for the “Hot Bite” and when and if it happens it is the ultimate for us dedicated “fisho’s”, no matter what species!