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We update most regularly on Facebook, here are just a few of our recent pics from there!

Merry Xmas to all our friends, family, clients and crew!  Wishing you all the best over the holidays and look forward to more merry marlin fun in 2018!🎄🎅
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Well that's a wrap!! 3 more marlin yesterday which adds up to 
25 marlin in 7 days  (20 blues, 3 blacks, 2 stripes) and we're making today a lazy day into port.  That winds up our 2017 marlin season.  Luke and I want to thank all of our wonderful guests as well as our awesome crew - Divan, Adam and Ben #firstclass #boostingit !!  
We were really fortunate this year as we had great light tackle fishing in September leading onto a hot October of Cairns giant black marlin before making the trek down here to the southern GBR and eventually onto Fraser Island where the fishing just got better and better. Plans are in the making for the next couple of years as we shake it all up! 
I'll be posting some recaps and pics over the coming weeks as we get back into normal internet range.  

Here's a photo of Divan and I yesterday releasing our last fish  for the season and #25 for the trip fittingly for Scotty!! #garminmarine #garminau #pelagic #kekoa56 #gbr #fraserisland #blackmarlin #bluemarlin #stripedmarlin
We got another 5 from 7 today (4 blues and a stripe) which takes us to
22 marlin in 6 days of fishing!! Hot bite this morning, didn’t see a fish after lunch. 
Scotty and Glen got another double header too. This time Scotty got the comfy chair and Glen the covering board. Two more days!
#fraser2017 #bluemarlin #blackmarlin #stripedmarlin #fraserisland #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic
2 more blues today to make 16 in 4 days fishing (13 blues, 2 blacks, 1 stripe) 

Bit unlucky today had a couple jump off and another eating the teaser before doubling back to smash the lure without hooking up!

#fraser2017 #bluemarlin #blackmarlin #stripedmarlin #fraserisland #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic
Just a quick update with my apologies on the radio silence. (I have been a punching bag for viruses and bugs on the boat for the last week but seem to be on my way back to health today touch wood!). We finished up with Gary Carter on the ultra light tackle with a mammoth 12.5 hr fight on the last day on a blue marlin on 4kg. The fish won the day in the end!  That topped off an incredible week of ‘fish raising’ with 59 blues raised in the 10 days pulling just the two teasers and switching to the ultra light depending on the size/species of the fish raised.

We were keen to get back out on the water with hooks in the spread but typically we jinxed ourselves on Saturday raising only 4 with two meagre half hearted bites not connecting with the hooks.

Yesterday we redeemed ourselves converting 5 (4 blues, 1 black) including a double header with the second fish following the lure to the boat as it was being retrieved to fight the other fish, we fed it back to it and it hooked up with the double just off the rod tip!  We also missed a triple header with all three falling off in quick succession as well as a bigger fish that we pulled the hooks on after about 20minutes of fight down deep.

One of the other boats caught an estimated 900lb *black* marlin so we look forward to the opportunity to find one of those as well.  We’re here for another week.
#ultralighttackle #bluemarlin #blackmarlin #stripedmarlin #fraserisland #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic
It was like the wild west out there today~! Pretty lumpy and lotsa white water going back on a blue and stripe. Got pretty close to the stripe too - the right one on 4lb before it unfortunately spat the hook back at us.  Raised another 6 today. Got onto those two.

PS can you see the duo of funky remoras in this pic? I’ll have to put up a close up. They were right in there! 😱

#ultralighttackle #bluemarlin #blackmarlin #stripedmarlin #fraserisland #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic
Coming in hot!

Yesterday’s stats: 10 blue marlin, 1 striped marlin, 1 black marlin
Sometimes it would be nice to have hooks in the water 😂😂
#ultralighttackle #bluemarlin #blackmarlin #stripedmarlin #fraserisland #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic
Gary Carter ultra light tackle update: Blue marlin from yesterday we fought for a short time although as you can see the hook didn't quite get to make its way to the fish's mouth again!  Raised another 5 but although this one was all over anything and everything on offer so much so it didn't bite properly, most of the others were quite doughy and uninterested. 
#ultralighttackle #bluemarlin #blackmarlin #stripedmarlin #fraserisland #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic
Today we raised 10….. !! Yes..10!
Line parted ways on 5 blues, caught an estimated 70kg striped marlin on 4kg.

I’ll put this up now and try and put the record chase play-by-play in the comments in a little bit. Lots of action that’s for sure!

#ultralighttackle #bluemarlin #blackmarlin #fraserisland #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic
Today we raised 7 again (6 blues, 1 black). The play-by-play was (btw we haven’t been able to get internet in the ‘anchorage’ overnight so I am trying to upload before we get there and enter the black zone!!):
1st bigger blue, switched it and took bait with a high speed going away bite then dropped it. Teased it up for another bite this time squeezed it off.
2nd blue climbed all over teaser, still switched it but it dropped the bait, then bit miss bit miss bit miss bit miss just high speed fake passes
3rd doughy tease didn’t switch
4th teased & switched a blue, got the pile on bite and had the fish greyhounding away, break line in total freespool on 8lb!
5th no switch just looking at both teasers
6th no switch. zoom in. zoom out.
7th raised on teaser gone in a flash

Let’s see what we find tomorrow!

#ultralighttackle #bluemarlin #blackmarlin #fraserisland #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic
Today saw 7, raised 6 (5 blues, 2 blacks). Play-by-play was:
Tease up black, no switch. 
Tease up blue, no switch. 
Tease up blue, switch, fight, break line on 4lb. 
Tease up blue, switch, fight, break line on 4lb again.
Tease up blue, no switch.
Raise marlin but fades away. 
See tailer, chase tailer. Tailer not remotely interested in us.
Raise and switch blue on 4lb but it mucks up the bite and spits it back. Raise it again but no switch.

We get to do this again tomorrow!

#ultralighttackle #bluemarlin #blackmarlin #fraserisland #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic
Hot shot 🔥from Divan @divs.coetzee of one of the blues from the trip! 
On the Poi861.
More photos to come!
#blackmarlin #marlinseason #cairnsmarlin #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic #GBR #coralsea
This is the big black marlin from yesterday. As you can see, with hook placement like that we were never going to get her. But look at that girth!! Fantastic action shot by Dan Holt!
#giantblackmarlin #blackmarlin #fraserisland #kekoa56 #coralseaadventure #garminau #pelagic

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