Recent photos from Facebook

We update most regularly on Facebook, here are just a few of our recent pics from there!

While KEKOA is undergoing some marlin pre-season maintenance, Luke and I trailered the Grady south yesterday!---> 
We went south to Mourilyan for better weather yesterday to christen the Grady White with its first juvie black!

PS how good do the babies look when they stay in the water? Especially against a Pelagic wrap. #leavetheminthewater
Screenshot from the #garminvirb

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5 days for this season, October 3-7 have just become available today (that were held for the owner and now not able to be used).

Get in touch now if you are interested - they won’t last long!!

Call Luke on 0428789840 or email or PM Kelly via this page.

This is your last chance to fish the 2017 Giant Black Marlin Season on KEKOA!
After a huge 3 month season in the Gulf the boys and KEKOA are on their way home leaving the tip yesterday for the slog down the east coast.  And it will be a bit of a slog for them too with the unrelenting south-easterlies of the past several weeks. I won't have photos from the last trip and the gents who flew out of Horn on Tuesday until the boat is home. 

While our big marlin season is all fully booked, (after a break!) we look forward to getting out to play with the juvies. Its marlin time!
#cantwait #aidiosbarraseason2017 #itwasabigone #kekoa56

Some of our recent KEKOA and fishing photo galleries

Click on the titles to open each gallery of images. The most recent photo galleries appear first. Fishing photos in the galleries include images from the recent Cairns Giant Black Marlin Season as well as our Gulf of Carpentaria Barramundi Season. There are also plenty of photos of KEKOA, our Captain and our team in action as well as some wonderful destination shots of the beautiful places we frequent. Fishing is living!

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