Recent photos from Facebook

We update most regularly on Facebook, here are just a few of our recent pics from there!

Big sand cay & reef swims and two drone flights in the glamour conditions yesterday!  Oh and blue marlin bite 200 metres from the anchorage!  Another one from two yesterday. Still exploring, yet to find the big marlin numbers but have definitely found the bigger yellowfins!
#coralseaadventure #gbr #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic
Day 2 action another 400lb blue marlin for Jada, several more yellowfin, GT action, and dogtooth tuna and big jobbies at the anchorage!  #coralseaadventure #garminau #pelagic
Day 1 on the southern end of the GBR. Small black on the pitch to Dan, 400lb blue to Jada and a successful quad of yellowfin in the am was followed up by a successful triple of yellowfin in the afternoon in the 50-70lb.  A lot of ground covered to get where we wanted today. Pic for attention not actual yellows we caught. Won't be able to update photos until we get back to port! 

The Garmin Inreach is proving invaluable to keeping in touch out there! #coralseaadventure #keko56 #garminau #pelagic #sashimiforxmas !
After a glamour night on anchor at Rooneys, KEKOA departed this morning for the start of our big southern Coral Sea adventure! Got fuel, going places!  
PS Dan's already on the board switching a little black off the teaser in the channel this morning! 
 #gbrlife #oceanadvanture #coralsea #kekoa56 #blackmarlin
We're still travelling but I thought I'd share this shot from Doug Lindsay who was fishing near us on Reel Easy/Sea Fever our last couple of days on the Ribbons. This is pre-breakfast on anchor. We had several days of storms and rains and ugly seas. Not unbearable, but although its very pretty, was a bit ho-hum to wake up to salt spray mist and grey skies each morning!
KEKOA left Cooktown this morning and is now relocating to collect our guests for our big Coral Sea Adventure 2017 so we bid temporary adieu to the Ribbon Reefs. Stay tuned!
#blackmarlin #marlinseason #cairnsmarlin #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic
Hook it in the corner, and then lasso around the bill to be sure! ☺️
3 from 3 small & mid-rangers for us on KEKOA yesterday. We also raised two more really nice ones. The first one did the best shadow bite we’ve seen in a while. Complete pile on..and miss. Never to be seen again. The second teased us as she tailed the stinger bait, and then let a smaller male pile on instead. Nevermind, she’s out there today!
#blackmarlin #marlinseason #cairnsmarlin #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic
Two more marlins on KEKOA today. Our glamour weather didn’t eventuate. This is truly the season of 20knots! But good fishing!!
#blackmarlin #marlinseason #cairnsmarlin #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic
Another two marlin today on KEKOA including this nice one and an early mark back to town at 3! Great time with Philip and Jennifer - thank you both so much! That makes 9 marlin in the 5 days for our trip. Back out tomorrow.
#blackmarlin #marlinseason #cairnsmarlin #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic
Got the drone out for a quick fly this morning! We need to get it out more for practice but its been blowing relentlessly up here.  Even the forecast this morning didn’t come down like it should have whipped up by storms onshore overnight.  So this is the reef in ‘some’ of its glory with grey sky overtones. Adam in the water trying to scare a trout!
#blackmarlin #marlinseason #cairnsmarlin #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic
This is what the big marlin says when you have it on the leader the first time… see ya later suckers! In an hour or so!
Tough fight for Jennifer in the chair today on KEKOA. Must have been close to the 2 hour mark when we finally got her back and were able to let her go. Even then she had plenty of juice! Just the one fish but another nice one that Luke put at 800lbs for Jen!
#blackmarlin #marlinseason #cairnsmarlin #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic
Ahhhh breakfast on the Great Barrier Reef! Coral trout omelettes, great way to start the day at sea #gbr #coraltrout #reeflife
#blackmarlin #marlinseason #cairnsmarlin #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic
Another 2 from 2 for us today on KEKOA. No big giant marlin caught like the previous days, but we did see a freight train tailing downsea! #giantmarlin !
So anyways I had time to do a really quick #photosequence of a smaller fish jumping today!
#blackmarlin #marlinseason #cairnsmarlin #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic
Wow what a day! Released this big girl Luke put at 1100lbs after a big tough fight in the chair for Philip. That practice on the big bluefin tuna is coming into its own!
#blackmarlin #marlinseason #cairnsmarlin #giantblackmarlin #grandermarlin #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic
Caught another big one today! 3 from 3 on KEKOA. Great day for our first day with Philip and Jennifer from NY. Can’t wait for tomorrow!
#blackmarlin #marlinseason #cairnsmarlin #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic
On our way in with two more today making it 8 black marlin in the four days with the guys from the Goldy! Great fishing! 
Of course the final day started slowly but it all happened in the last hour. First fish of the day quickly dispensed by Andrew.  And then a double header! David did an awesome job getting the small one in basically from a dead boat so we could chase the big girl. And she gave us a fantastic display before throwing the hook at the back of the boat as Adam reached out to take the leader. More pics to come but nice to get onto a big one and great action to to end the trip!
#blackmarlin #marlinseason #cairnsmarlin #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic
Angry sea again yesterday but fun fishing on KEKOA with another two on the board before lunch. After lunch they were all window shopping but plenty around. Many boats on the radio reporting the same, ‘following but not eating’. Luke said he saw about 20 fish in total ‘tailing’… hopefully every single one of them bites soon!
#blackmarlin #marlinseason #cairnsmarlin #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic
2 from 3 for us yesterday again on KEKOA and raised big Julie on ‘sammy the seal’ teaser. All lit up like a freight train!
#blackmarlin #marlinseason #cairnsmarlin #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic
Adam about to cut off 1 of our 2 black marlin from today on the Great Barrier Reef on KEKOA!  Great day, weather not so splendid lol
#blackmarlin #marlinseason #cairnsmarlin #kekoa56 #garminau #pelagic

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