Your trip in pictures

Take home a CD full of photos from your trip!

KEKOA is fully equipped with cockpit, hat cam, Garmin action cameras (Virb XE and Virb Ultra) to record all the fishing action!

(And, as you’ll see on the pages of this website, Kelly takes some great pics with her DSLRs also!)

All of our guests take home a disc of photos from your trip ensuring the fishing memories are preserved forever.

Take a look around on the pages of this website.  Most of the photos here were taken by Kelly, and she is always lurking around to capture the perfect shot. But the boys aren’t too bad when it comes to capturing the action either, particularly when it comes to the action video strapped to the body while the fishing is unfolding!

Kelly is an avid photographer and loves taking still photographs: barramundi jump shots from the tender or jumping marlin action photos from the reef. She is regularly published in industry publications such as BlueWater Boats & Sport Fishing magazine and other publications such as Fishtrack, Nafa and Bass, Barra and Bream. These covershots were all taken from on board KEKOA.

You can see more of Kelly’s photographs throughout this website and in the photo galleries.

Our guests leave not only with some great memories of a fantastic trip, but some great video and photographic evidence as well all copied for you onto a take home DVD – so you’ll enjoy the memories of your trip for years to come.

Visit the KEKOA photo galleries to see more marlin photos and barramundi shots.

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